All Passengers Ride for Price of One

  1. $2.85 Flag drop (First 1/9th mile or 37sec)
  2. $0.30 For each additional 1/9th mile ($2.70 per Mile)
  3. $0.30 For each 37 seconds waiting time and/or traffic delay ($29.19 per hour)
  4. $46.50 Flat fare per trip either direction, between LAX and Downtown.
    Area bounded by Alameda St., Santa Monica Fwy., Harbor Fwy., Cesar E. Chavez, Union Station and Chinatown.
  5. $2.50 Surcharge for all trips originating at LAX
  6. $15.00 Minimum fare for trips originating at LAX (In addition to the $2.50 surcharge)


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